Pre-Cap 2.0

Posted on January 14, 2013 by Mike Vogel

Our weekly Caps Report podcasts have been “on the air” every Wednesday afternoon since March, 2002. That’s a good bit before the term “podcast” even existed; we called it “Web radio” back in those days. With the start of the Alex Ovechkin era in D.C. and the burgeoning interest in hockey and the Capitals in these parts coming out of the lockout, we started a series of companion podcasts in the fall of 2005. Those shows were shorter and more frequent, airing on game days and designed to serve as sort of a pre-game show. We dubbed those podcasts, “Pre-Cap.” “Pre-Cap” aired for most games; it wasn’t available for weekend road games or for afternoon games, mostly for logistical reasons within the office here. We’ve had some internal issues with and discussions about the show, and we even gave some consideration to pulling the plug on it altogether. The “ratings” don’t necessarily warrant the man hours we put into the show, but we’ve come up with an alternative we hope will be better, and one we think we can deliver more consistently and with better sound quality. And we’ll be producing one for every game, regardless of location and time. So today, John Walton and I are delivering the first edition of “Pre-Cap” in its new format. Most notably, the show is pre-recorded and shorter (about 15 minutes most of the time) and doesn’t have the interactivity that the previous incarnation offered. We still have the weekly “Caps Report” show at 2 p.m. on Wednesdays for that. Today’s “Pre-Cap” includes an interview with Caps assistant coach Jim Johnson on his approach to coaching two very different defesemen with two very different skills sets who are at different points in their careers: Jeff Schultz and Dmirty Orlov. Johnson also shares with us his philosophy on how the minutes are apportioned among defensemen during the game. John had a chat with Caps winger Troy Brouwer in the wake of his Gordie Howe hat trick on Wednesday in Ottawa. We also discuss a bit amongst ourselves and go over a few lineup and personnel notes. We hope you’ll give it a listen and make it a permanent part of your own game day prep. We plan on having it available a bit earlier than the old version (which aired around 2 p.m.). Finally, the coolest thing of all is the major upgrade of the show’s theme music. Here’s a live version of the song we’ll be using from now on:   Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears As always, we welcome your feedback in all its forms. You know how to get a hold of us.

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