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Posted on January 14, 2013 by Mike Vogel

Ten years ago last month, we debuted what we then called a “web radio” show called “The Capitals Report” on washingtoncaps.com. The weekly show predated the term “podcast,” and it slowly grew and built a loyal following and listenership. Several different hosts have sat alongside me for the Wednesday “Capitals Report” over the years, and I’ve flown solo at times, too. Director of radio broadcasting and Caps radio play-by-play voice John Walton has been my current co-host since he joined the team last August. Back in the fall of 2005, we debuted a pre-game podcast called “Pre-Cap” that ran on game days, initially just for home games. There was a lot of demand for more programming coming out of the lockout, and “Pre-Cap” helped fill that bill. The show soon expanded to include road games and attracted a paying sponsor as well. While the listener base for “Capitals Report” has thrived over the years, the listener base for “Pre-Cap” began dwindling this season. Some of the powers that be suggested that we pull the plug on “Pre-Cap,” maintaining that lower ratings weren’t worth the time John and I were devoting to it each day, especially in light of our other job responsibilities. John and I were loathe to do so, so we re-vamped the format starting in December, going from a live to a taped show and including multiple interviews with players, coaches and our peers in the media each day. Months later, there was no noticeable improvement to the “Pre-Cap” numbers, so it is with a great deal of sadness and regret that we have cancelled that show. “Capitals Report” will continue to air every Wednesday year-round except for those Wednesdays when we are in the air and traveling with the team. We can and will and do air the show if we are on the road; we can always call in from a hotel room. But on those rare days that we are in the air on Wednesday – and each of the previous two Wednesdays has fallen into that category – we are unable to bring you the show in its live, interactive format. To sum up, “Pre-Cap” has gone the way of “Freaks and Geeks;” critically acclaimed, but not commercially viable or successful. “Capitals Report” remains every Wednesday, except for when we can’t. As always, we’ll spend the summer reviewing what we do and adding and streamlining where we see fit. And as always, any and all feedback is welcome. Finally, John and I really hope that summer content review doesn’t start for quite a while.

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Two In A Row

January 14, 2013

In order to keep their faint Southeast Division title hopes alive tonight, the Capitals need a regulation win over the Florida Panthers. In order to nail down the first division title of any kind in franchise history and to earn their first playoff berth in 12 years – thus ending the longest streak


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